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CLOSED to reviews

I participate in blog tours! Please send information through contact form. It must be a genre or book I love! 

Even though I would love to read every book submitted, it's only me running the show for now around here. Below are some guidelines on submitting. 

First and most important, my reviews are and will be completely honest on my opinion of the book. Not everyone has the same taste in books, do not let my review deter from reading it yourself. If as an author you are not comfortable with honest reviews, not everyone loves each book they read, please do not submit. 

I will be accepting limited submitted books. I still will love to be able to pick out my own choices and have time for many others. I will post once I reach my limit.

  • Submit by contact form in right side bar with the information required  below, if all information is not submitted I will pass on the book
  • I will be accepting Ebook and paperback formats 
  • Timeframe will depend on how many books I have in order to read, I will gladly provide place of your book for an estimate time
  • I read many indie authors 

Needs to be submitted in contact form located on right hand side:
  • Authors name 
  • Blurb and a paragraph excerpt
  • Cover if available
  • Does author want to participate in giveaways or author interview 
  • Length in pages
  • Genre(s)
  • Series? 
  • Format book can be sent in (Ebook or paperback)
No payments are accepted for reviews. I purchase majority of my books, download in many amazon deals and/or received by author/publisher. Paperbacks sent may be used for giveaways. 
Prefer to read in order of series if I haven't read previous one(s). It would be hard to review a storyline from the middle of series without knowledge of characters etc. 
Full review will be posted on my blog. Short reviews with blog link will be posted on goodreads, facebook, and/or amazon.

Rating system:

  • Five star: Highly Recommended read, Love! 
  • Four star: Recommended, almost to my five star, just something was off for me 
  • Three star: Good, maybe someone else's favorite 
  • Two star: It's just not for me
  • One star: Couldn't finish the book

I have a huge variety of genres I enjoy but it all depends on the mood I'm in for the time being. 
  • Paranormal romance
  • Urban fantasy
  • Young adult
  • Apocalyptic & dystopia
  • New adult
  • Fantasy
  • Romance
  • One in a while a sci-fi but not a much of a fan
  • Rocker and MC one in awhile 

Within those I love to read about
  • Angels, demons (NOT religious) 
  • Leading strong women 
  • Fae, wolves, vampires, sometime witches 
  • Favorite greek mythology 
  • College romance

What I will not read at this time:
  • NO erotic, even though I have read a few with heavy sex scenes example 'Captive in the Dark' but at this time I will pass on erotic. 
  • Religious, political etc. 
  • children aged 
  • Horror
Please check my reviews and favorite tab for ideas of books that I loved to read
Hopeless By Colleen Hoover
Throne of Glass
Angelfall by Susan EE
Eternal Guardian series by Elizabeth Naughton
Premonition Series by Amy Bartol
Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire
The Edge of Never

Rating System 

Want to be a guest reviewer Inside Pandora's Box?? 

Read a book recently you would love to share with other book lovers? Be a guest reviewer and submit your review! Even if I have read the book, everyone has their own thoughts of the book, do submit still for a guest reviewer post. 

Please send information through contact form (Do not need a blog) 
  • Blogger name 
  • Blogger page (goodreads, blogger, and/or Wordpress) you do not need to be have a blogger page. 
  • Brief bio of your love for books including favorite genera, book, and author
  • Book you would like to submit review for title and authors name
  • Your rating system 
  • If you have a blog, would you participate in future giveaways

Guest reviewers must follow basic guidelines:
- Be respectful in reviewing, I will not post any bashing or disrespect for any book review
- Honest review 

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