Readers 'Cup a Read' Weekly

What is this?
Post where I will be sharing readers (like ourselves) thoughts, opinions, likes, peeves, preference in books! What better way to share with authors what you want in your next favorite read than sharing your views?? 

Where do I find this information??

I have scoured the depths of the sea, up treacherous mountains, horrifying caves...No not really!
-Reading open forums, discussions, and post made by readers like yourselves!  
-Reading lots..LOTS of reviews! 

Want to share your thoughts?
Make sure to be a fan of my facebook page, I will posting poll questions to get in touch with readers,
When the weekly is posted, feel free to include yourself in the discussion by commenting with your thoughts! I will try to post once a week if not then biweekly. 
Of course with all topics there's going to be 50/50, some may favor one way others may like another. NO one is wrong! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, what they prefer in their dream book is what makes each book different! 

Upcoming Topics
Which fantasy creature is fan favorite
Likes & dislikes in a book
Triangles, love em or hate em
To much 'O'? o_O

That's not it! I don't want to give to much away what's the fun in that! Make sure to be back soon for the first weekly! I will be adding the weekly post link below. 

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