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I've read many books in the past few years before I started a blog! Thinking I could reread these books, highlight favorite quotes and review them one by (300 something pages) one...I was wrong. There's no way I have enough time to reread that many books and still be able to read new ones!(plus my laundry list) So I came up with 'Book Room Pick'! 
Even though I have more of a two level book shelf, we are still entering the 'Book Room' with my post and massive electronic library (kindle & Ibook)!

In the post I will be highlighting a book or series that I've read back in the day. NO it's not a review! It's going to be quick snippets of my thoughts. There's so many books I've read in 2012/13 that I definitely think others may enjoy, have not heard of them, or by passed. This is mainly to spot reads that are bit older, not recent release. 

There's some fabulous reads that I've come across and can't wait to share them! 

Below I will have the links (archive) to posted 'Book Room Pick' 

The Grey Wolves Series- by Quinn Loftis
Perfect Chemistry Series by Simone Elkeles
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