My Favorite in Categories

Everyone has their favorites! What's Pandora's guilty pleasures??

I have the authors name linked to their Goodreads. Click the name to get the list of books from that author! These authors have created stories that will lose you in their imagination and wanting more!

Susan Ee
Jamie McGuire
Lynn Vroman
Colleen Hoover
Annette Marie


Urban Fantasy
Young Adult
Paranormal Romance
Greek Mythology (should be its own thing ha)
New Adult
Sci fy (sometimes)

Leading Men:
So many to choose from...I like the wise ass, bad-boy at times, loving in the sheets, HOT, mysterious men who stands up for his female lady... Introducing you to the swoon worthy, my book boyfriend(s) on going list:

Chaol & Rowan Throne of Glass Series - Goodreads
Ash & Lyre Steel & Stone Series - Goodreads
Dean Holder Hopeless - Goodreads
Raffee Penryn & the End of Days Series - Goodreads

Leading Ladies:
What makes these top ladies? There all kick-ass, strong female leads that can hold their own, one of the best things I look for in a book!

Book covers:

Just the right amount of Romance:

Guilty Pleasures:
The things we like to keep to ourselves sometimes never! 

  • Mr Dark and Sexy himself! 
  • Something about those wings! Angels and the unfriendly ones as well, Fallen 
  • Sappy lover in the sheets but Alpha in charge when it matters 
  • A little love and hate relationship but not to much 

Fantasy & Paranormal Creature: 
I've read so many books with creatures of the unknown and the list is ongoing with new additions...
  • Angels
  • Elves or Fae
  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Warlocks (recently read one 'Your Mine' new fav) 
  • Gods! (Goddess as well)  

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