In the Box

What's in the box??

I am a stay at home wife and mom to a gorgeous baby girl and handsome husband. One semester away from an associates and I plan to go for my bachelors in Classic. My reading obsession began after finding out all the books I can download on to my iPad, starting with Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire and they just kept coming! My second favorite hobby is crafting of all sorts!

Books I love to read can be from a leading fighting chic to a contemporary romance or vampire half werewolf breed. I have a out of budget huge variety in book taste, it all depends on what's the craving I'm having!

This past year I have read over 150 books, some I loved and others...not so much. Instead of waisting my opinion to myself or non responsive husband wall, I decided I rather share it with my fellow book lovers!

I plan to do many things with my blogs, spruce it up a bit, scouring deals, having giveaways of ebooks to paper books, swag material, and more. I would love to get other guest reviewers from time to time, spotlight authors to visit our page and give their one on one. Lots more hidden in the box!

My reviews are my opinion and preference, it may not be the same for someone else. Even though I may not think a book was that stellar, some other reader may have it as it's the one you must READ! My six star maybe a two star on some other blog. Soo, don't let any reviews stop you from giving each book a fair chance in becoming one of your locked up treasures.
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