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Review Ash and Ruin Series (Book 1-3) by Shauna Granger

My Review & Thoughts for all three books in the Ash & Ruin Series! I will try not to add any spoilers when reviewing the following book after each other. 
Cover: I love when series keep to the same theme for all their books! The mask is significant object in the series.
Genre(s): Post Apocalyptic, Young Adult, Teen 16+ mixed in with suspense, thrill, and a bit of romance!

"The started spreading their pox in the biggest, most densely populated cities. All they had to do was infect one person out of every hundred. Urban population did the rest."

There are two inherent truths in the world: life as we know it is over, and monsters are real.
The Pestas came in the night, spreading their pox, a deadly plague that decimated the population. Kat, one of the unlucky few who survived, is determined to get to her last living relative and find shelter from the pox that continues to devastate the world. When it mutates and becomes airborne, Kat is desperate to avoid people because staying alone might be her only chance to stay alive.
That is, until she meets Dylan. Dylan, with his easy smile and dark, curly hair, has nowhere to go and no one to live for. He convinces Kat there can be safety in numbers, that they can watch out for each other. So the unlikely couple set off together through the barren wasteland to find a new life – if they can survive the roaming Pestas, bands of wild, gun-toting children, and piles of burning, pox-ridden bodies. Add to Goodreads

"Crooked fingers tipped with ugly claws and hooked noses leading to dead, sunken eyes had nothing to do with the outbreak."

Suspenseful, terrifying at times, with a unique story of post apocalyptic mayhem of Pestas! Book one is a great start to a new 'diminishing' world with only a few survivors left and Pestas running around to take those few out. Kat is one of the remaining survivors loosing her family and friends, she has no other choice but to survive. She heads to Northern California seeking her uncle, Grayson, who may have survived. Along the way, Kat finds out it is not only the Pestas she needs to worry about but other people who crazed to survivor as well, in any means necessary...

This book had my interest from page one. The author has Kat as an annoying materialistic chic who doesn't know the world ended at first BUT I liked that she did this because it kept Kat emotions and dramatic change through out the story fit in well and seem realistic. I think it would have thrown it off if she came running out like she-rambo. The creatures were creepy when they appeared and sneaky in unknown times.

The world has ended, and hope is the most dangerous thing left.
Battered and bruised after barely escaping San Francisco with their lives, Kat, Dylan, and Blue press north – desperate to reach the possibility of a new home.
But strange, monstrous ravens are tracking the remaining survivors, food is becoming scarce, gasoline is running short, and people are becoming suicidal, making survival almost impossible.
And the Pestas are growing bolder. Somehow, their numbers are growing.
The further north they go, the harder it becomes to ignore the signs that they’ve made a fatal mistake. Kat must face the impossible truth that there is no escape, there is no safe haven, and their worst nightmares don’t come close to their new reality.
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Book two started off with the focus of Kat and Dylans building relationship. It was bit slow comparing to book one but about mid way, the action picks back up again. New characters are revealed, conflict, death in every corner...Kat does not disappoint to continue being a survivor/ass kicker! Blue- the mighty dog also stands his ground!
Jesse and Mary are a great add on the to the duo!

Hope is a dangerous thing, but powerful. Hope keeps you going. Hope can keep you alive.
But hope can shatter your world.
Kat and Dylan have found a home, but the monsters are still out there. The pox and plague still ravage the world. They have hope of finding a vaccine, but their encampment isn't equipped to develop it.
Dylan is still too weak from the pox to leave the encampment, so Kat must decide between staying by his side and protecting her last remaining family member as he leaves to find supplies. Separated for the first time since they came together, Kat and Dylan will have to fight their own battles to save what is left of their bloody world.
Kat will have to hold on to hope that she has anything left to save and someone to come home to. If she can survive.

The final installment! Kat and the trio find themselves back in the safe haven camp. Dylan is out of the fight permanently as Kat and Blue throw themselves back into danger but now to seek a cure and supplies. Along the way, they meet other survivors and enemies as well.

I must say I'm not a fan of how book three ended...(sad face) I thought their would be more to the story of a 'cure' and Kat and Dylan but it was briefly wrapped up, almost in a rush. Kat's character has changed tremendously from book one to the last installment. She is almost borderline crazed and vicious.

Overall as a series, it is definitely worth the read and any apocalyptic fan would enjoy this spin and suspenseful adventure! What I enjoyed most, was following Kat through her journey. She changed and grew as a person and as a character in each book. I was also anxious to see what would happen next in each closed house!

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