Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Readers Cup A Read Weekly: Judge Books by a Cover?!

Picking out a book, judging by a cover?

First I have to say, I am one to judge books by the cover! I know it's horrible to do! Hidden treasures in plain 'ol' books but when I have over 50 books in a list and all I see is the cover and title...

My process when I'm scanning a list for a new read (Amazon, Blogs, NetGalley, Sales etc) I narrow down my search from which genre(s) I may want to read, lets use fantasy. I look for eye catching covers and unique, related to theme titles.
Example 'The Vampire Den' with a cover of pretty flowers and a girl mid twirling is not going to be on my list to read!
Sometimes the titles win out the cover. I also think the name of the book is another essential tool  catching readers attention but that is on another post. 
When a book cover is not available!
Sometimes I can't judge on a cover because there's not an option. Example, some book blogs, like mine, have their reviews listed without a photo so you have to click each link to view the books blurb, cover, etc. Oh No! What do I do now?! I 'X' out the page and move on! NO just kidding! I go down the list and hope for another type of valuable information. Are they separated in genres or rating? If so I will go to the genre and open windows looking for intriguing titles. Then repeat, go over the blurb, read a few reviews, read the blurb again...majority of the time one click!


To me, book covers are a peek to what's inside. It's giving me a clue on what I'm going to be reading about, a connecting symbol to the story, and a sneak of the creativity of an Author. There's nothing worst then reading a book and the cover has nothing to do with the story. Better yet, a cover that has a blonde person but the leading person is a brunette and we never meet a blonde character... I also agree with many readers that a book cover is an investment of the Author's writing. How much time they spent on the cover to me is showing that they are serious with their book.

However, many successful books, best sellers and great reads, have had simple covers to symbolic object, feather, bird, butterfly, a tie...Some of my favorite books have only a simple symbol on them.

What are the readers thoughts?

I typed in handy dandy Google (my favorite go to...) many links showed up addressing how important book covers actually are. Even publishers, bloggers, writing help sites have articles of the importance of a cover. According to many articles, book covers are a prime sale tool.

Thoughts Readers mentioned 
  • Book covers are what readers see first 
  • Can't stand a book cover not matching the story or blurb
  • Ugly cover turn-off
  • ...books first impression
  • Cover shows how invested the Author is into their story
People on the book covers...hit or miss?!
More than half of readers in a discussion board mentioned they did not like book covers with people on them. I have picked out books with beautiful covers of people. Some covers I do by pass because the cover person is not fitting to the title. Partially show people on the cover is more of my liking because I can still imagine how I want the character to look like.

What do you readers think? Do book covers affect your decision in selecting your next read?


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