Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Book Room Pick 'The Grey Wolves Series' by Quinn Loftis

'The Grey Wolves' by Quinn Loftis was one of my early reading obsession! I came across 'Prince of Wolves' on IBooks in the free section, by passing it numerous times. I think it was listed under children, finally downloading it, I fell in love! 
Oh my! All nighters, stalking the author for the latest news, rereading parts I loved occurred many times in the series. 
Note: These books are definitely for Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance lovers!
  • The fantasy tale in this book was amazingly created by Quinn Loftis mixing with a variety of creatures to witches, faeries, and trolls! 
  • Romance was steamy without the actual deed! Yes, Ms. Quinn was able to write blushing scenes between her characters that were both swoon worthy and lovable <3
  • The characters! You are BOUND to fall in love with at least one of these 'Grey Wolves'! The men are all Alpha, Manly, Good Looking, infatuated with their ladies type. 
  • Action packed! 
  • The young ladies are teens. I do think they grow in maturity as well as the Authors writing through this series. 
Now I must admit there was a point in the series I was like 'too much'! Many characters are introduced and at a point I wanted them to stop! I liked my tight circle, bringing in newbies was not floating with me. Also, the conclusion to this series o_o I don't know as a committed fan if  I was disappointed because it was no justice or my opinion of what I wanted to happen didn't go in my favor. 
Looking for a werewolf, fantasy read, pick up this series and try it out <3

Prince of Wolves (1) <<===Free 

"If I ever see you again, at least I can say that you were mine. At one time, you only belonged to me." -Alina (Book 7)


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