Sunday, January 11, 2015

Review Shooting Scars by Karina Halle (The Artist Trilogy Book 2)

The USA Today Bestseller!! 
A Dangerous Kind of Love . . . 
When Ellie Watt offered herself to her thuggish former lover Javier to save Camden's life, she never imagined the twisted game Javier had planned for her. Trapped by him and his entourage of killers, Ellie is forced to commit a dangerous, heinous crime-or Javier will kill Camden. Now ex-con artist Ellie must find a way to stay ahead of the game . . . before it destroys her and the only man she ever loved. 
Camden McQueen can't forget Ellie Watt. Seeking revenge and pursued by the authorities for a crime he didn't commit, the talented tattoo artist does things he never thought himself capable of to save Ellie. As Camden straddles the line between love and retribution, he vows to do everything in his power to get her back. But if Camden unleashes his dark side, will Ellie still love him?

My Review & Thoughts:
Cover: Sexy! Haven't been  disappointed with a cover in this series!
Genre(s): Adult 
Romance: Blushing behind the book in a corner type! 

Book two in 'The Artist Trilogy', bringing readers to a new 'world'...Javier's world. Ellie is found by Javier in the end of Book one (Sins & Needles) and he's bringing her back home. He has a surprise for Ellie, bringing down the man who ruined her life Travis but together. Blackmailed to help Javier, Ellie get's reacquainted with her old love.

Javier is back!
“You’re just an American girl and I’m your Mexican boyfriend,” he said with a cheery smile that made him look terribly young. “We’re the modern- day Romeo and Juliet.” “Romeo and Juliet was a tragedy, not a romance,” I answered.
I think this is the part where the readers start to build a hate and love, mainly hate, relationship with Ellie!
My Camden. Who had come for me, to rescue me, to make sure I was safe. My Camden, who looked at me with all the hurt in the world.
Can Ellie make it out of Mexico alive or can Camden save her in time?!

He laughed caustically. “Am I happy? Oh, angel, my dirty, rotten, lying angel! No, I am not happy. I won’t be happy until you do as I’ve told you.”

Another great book from Karina Halle in the series, I must say this one may be my favorite! 

Highly Recommended Series! 

I tried to steady my breath. “I’m not your angel.” “You’re someone’s angel. God’s.” “God’s? How can you call me an angel when you think I’m no good?” He was silent for a moment. Waves crashed outside. “There are fallen angels too. Angels with dirty wings.” “Lucifer was a fallen angel,” I pointed out.“You’re right. But Lucifer had no moral code. You and I, angel, I think we fell somewhere in between all of that. We made our place. Our own home."

On Every Street (1.5)
Sins & Needles (Book 1)
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