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Review The Seventh Day by Tara Brown

From the window I can see her. She looks like she did yesterday. Same Clothes. Same Hair. But today her face is calm, dead calm. All their faces are dead calm until one of us makes a noise. The noise wakes them and then it starts. Their heads jerk to the right three times rapidly as they stand in the most awkward way. That's when we run. That's when we hide. That's how we stay alive until The Seventh Day! Silence is survival!

My Thoughts & Review 
Cover: Simplicity and Beautiful 
Genre(s): Apocalyptic, Romance, Young Adult, Teens (has swearing) 
Tag(s): Zombies, Virus, Government overtake, survival, love 
Romance: Two thumbs up! 

An infection has taking over the world and the numbered of the unaffected are trying to survive, including teenager Lou and her sister Joey. Along the way, they find friends who have also been surviving from the 'zombies'. They're going through many life risking journey's to collect aid and looking for lost loved ones. Can they survive till the end of the seventh day when the infection is suppose to 'expire'?

From the beginning this book hooked me in. It was scary, nerve wrecking, adventurous, swoon worthy at times, and an emotional roller coaster with each character. During the first half of the book, it is ALL girl power. The group of ladies bonded together to survive. To their surprise one of them, Jamie's brother Miles finds them along with his friend Kyle. 

I went back and forth with Miles and Kyle. Who was going to be the love interest?! It was already more than half way and no love interest was presented. I was starting to think it was going to be strictly an action pack zombie apocalypse. 

Not sure if this was coincidental in the authors writing, she had the main girls with masculine names; Lou, Joey, Jamie (James), Lee, and Erin can go either way.  

There's many things I loved about this book, to include the chosen Love interest in which I will not reveal who it is! haaa BUT I will leave some mini excerpts on the mystery man! 
He licks his lips nervously. “Alleda is your blood elf priestess. You are a dungeon and raid healer for Times Square, the guild.” My insides start to burn. “You really do play.” His green eyes darken as he lowers his brow. “I’m Gorgon.”

“I know you love him, or you think you do. I’ve known that for a long time. But it doesn't change the way I feel. I just need you to know that you don't have to love me back. Now that I’m here, I see the way you look at him. I see the way your heart breaks and it kills me. But I just want you to know— no I need you to know— that no one is ever going to love you the way I do. Definitely not him.” He stands up, turning for the door to leave me there with that elephant of a confession. He pauses and looks back at me. “So you go ahead and love him because he was here first. But until I breathe my last breath, there will be someone who loves you more. Always more.” He turns away and walks out and hops off the boat.

It also had many times of comical relief.
Kyle slaps me on the shoulder. “I’m just messing with ya.” He turns to Lee and nods. “The moment this fiasco hit campus— yes. I was freaking out. This chick I had kinda been seeing tried to bite me when I was walking back to my house. She was hot so I thought maybe she was playing. Then she lunged at me, growling like a dog. I ran.” He chuckles like he’s telling us a funny story. “I’m pretty sure I screamed like a girl. She was frothing like she had rabies. It was bad. Then my chemistry prof attacked a guy on the front lawn. Bit him right in the shoulder and ate a chunk of his stringy flesh.”
Miles laughs. “Man, when you got back to the house I thought for sure you had pissed your pants.” Kyle nods his dark head. “I did. I pissed my pants.” I smile, hating that I’m about to admit it. “I did too.” “Hell ya, you did.” He lifts his hand for me to pound his knuckles. “If people weren’t pissing their pants, they weren’t scared enough. And in a situation like this one, if you ain’t scared enough, you are getting bit. I ran like it was a race for survival.” He nods at Miles who is still laughing. “When we got into the car and decided we would head to Laurel because he needed his family to be safe, I don't think I slept for two days. Getting out of New York, Michigan, and Illinois was bad. By the time we got to Minnesota, we started to relax, taking shifts sleeping.” He sighs and I suddenly see he’s not such a jackass after all. “My family is in Europe again, so I know they’re gone. They went home to Norway to visit family. Shit got bad there first.”

The blurb does explain what this book is going to be about but maybe the author could have added a second paragraph on the lead, Lou. It was just a little over 200 pages, a quick read. Cliffhanger warning! The author introduces a new plot in the last few pages, leading the readers to believe Lou's story is not done.
He sighs, shaking his head in disbelief. “They said the biters didn't all die. He said there are people down there who are healed from the bite, but they’re crazy and starting some movement to prove their superiority.”

Highly Recommended Read! 

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