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Review Purenet by H.J. Lawson

Purenet is one of six wealthy Sanctions, formed by the Emperor and the Untouchables after a devastating world war.
Only those born in Purenet have the privilege of living under the dome, protecting their bodies from the sun’s deadly UVA rays.

Skylier is desperate to escape her underground confines and save her mother’s life.

On a school visit, she hears something she’s not supposed to, and now she realizes that not only is her whole life a lie, but she is in grave danger… She doesn’t know who to trust, and her enemies are everywhere… even closer than she realizes.
Now she is in a race against time to save not only her life, but her mother's and those she cares about. And if she fails, she'll suffer a fate worse than death..."
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My Review & Thoughts 
Cover: I love covers that connect and give a preview of the book! That is what this cover is doing. 
Genre(s): Sci Fi, Teens, Young Adult 
Blurb:  Yes, that is the premise of this book! 
Romance: Zilch...only introduced potentials 

This book had me swaying back and forth with the rating. I'm going to give a three because it had it's good, bad, and large potential. Can't forget the cover!

Immediately reading the blurbs, many readers may think 'ahhh another wannabe so and so book...' But I assure you, it's not like other books I have read yet. Yes there were some cliche parts but the Author does have a story but I think struggled to stay on a one concept and complete it. Ever read a story that tried a bit to much? This story had purenets, cave people, grounders, selective, host, sanctions, empire, untouchables, a dragon...No not really a dragon, well maybe not yet. O_O

Purenet is a bit of confusion. There are many sections, leaders from Chancellor down to President,. The language and style of writing bumped heads a bit. The first couple chapters explains Purenet and the surrounding communities and their billets in that life. Where girls can become a host, they give there babies up to Purenet's in exchange for money or relocation. Men can enter a game of sorts (was not explained or even touched on in the book, other than the meeting. So no, there's no games of fight to the death here)
Females may live there until we birth three babies, who are then handed over to the wealthy Purenet families. In return, we get to live in the compound for free.
Skylier happens to be in the lowest with no money, a sister, brother, lost father, and a mother sick from cancer which they think the sun caused. Determined to get her mother medicine she goes through extreme measure making an enemy she doesn't want, the Chancellors son Xavier. Running away, she's accompanied by allies. Lies, secrets, the unknown are revealed in this fast paced book. I was done reading with in a couple hours.
OOoh! Did I forget to mention mind readers! 

More confusion...Aspects of the story were not answered enough. I did get the feel of a Sci Fi genre which is what this book strive to be under. 

No love interest here! Potential candidates we're introduce but NO romance! There was not one I was like 'OO yes! Pick him!' I was more like...  o_o waiting...waiting...the end. So with that being said Skylier tooted her own horn. Clumsy, not my typical leading chic, but she managed to survive.
I wonder what they are called… I will have to ask… They are roses… rings in my mind. Rian, how do you know that? Who’s Rian? Wait… can you hear my thoughts? What, that’s not Rian in my mind… who is it? Quickly turning around, I see a young guard around my age standing next to me. He looks as confused as I am. Did you just read my mind? Get out of my head, you are not welcome in here! I snap at him. We both jump back in surprise, our eyes locked on to each other in shock. How can we read each other’s thoughts? I’m Dax, I mean you no harm… we have to get back to the group before they notice we are gone. His voice rings softly through my mind like a rhythm that has always been there.
I was excited for Xavier's character! He seem menacing, intriguing, but then he was lost at sight. The author introduces five plus her brother male characters who have rolls in the story. With it being a very short read, I don't think the author gave them all their unique personality to stand out or build emotions with each other or the readers. Maybe in the next one she can extend to go in depth with them or off with their heads! 

Why I gave the rating a three than? This book has potential! Lots of room to improve the following book in the series. It's a very quick read that held my attention. I liked some of the ideas the Author came up with. I do think theirs readers that will enjoy it as well. A few minor changes, explaining more of this world, and leave the unnecessary behind. 

Huge cliffhanger!
Recommended Read

Mini Excerpt
He just smiles back at me. “You, child, are just like your father… always meddling in other people’s business. It's a shame Xander wants you alive, for some unknown reason. I wish I could kill you like I did your father.” My mouth dries up as he speaks. “So, child… who told you about the bio meat?” 
I can feel my eyes widen in fear as he moves his body closer to mine. Pulling the remainder of saliva from the back of my throat, I force it forwards and phlegm comes flying out of my mouth and onto his face and glasses. Before I can react, his hand launches across my face, knocking me to the ground. My cheek stings in pain. 
His long, awkward body bends over me. “Dear child, it looks like you are hurt,” he says as he pushes his bony finger into the bullet wound in my arm. “Arh… stop!” “Oh, sorry… does it hurt?” President Tyler mocks. “How about this?” He jabs his finger quickly into my open flesh. “Arh... leave me alone!” I scream in agony. “Who are you with? Tell me, and I will stop.” He jabs me once more. 
Dax, get out of here. They are coming for you! Go now. I have to tell them you were here. Skylier, wait… no. I cannot. GO!
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