Thursday, January 22, 2015

Pandora's Update Reads

Pandora's Update
Hey all! Thought I would post an update on my progress of reading and what's to come! I made a list of books below of what I'm currently reading, pending list, and the books I can't wait to have some quite time with! I did leave some books out that I started and had to put down because we weren't seeing eye to eye. I'm not giving up on those stragglers, just a mutual break to gather each others bearing.
Wheh! I didn't notice how many books I have on my platter and I missed a few to list! The good thing is, I find myself to have super powers of reading pretty quick, especially when it's a gripping, mind blowing, I don't care for sleep type of read. I can devour those in a day! Now to the slight bummer. I started school this week and I'm taking five classes, two of them being literature. Plus my growing babygirl and demanding loving husband! But fear not fellow readers, I always find any minute I have to read a chapter or book or two. When the little family stops at the market and I send my husband in to get the list while I whip the ipad out and read. O_o I like to think of it as a ninja status. 
Once I finish my list of scheduled tours I will probably pulling back a bit and reading more books that I have sitting in my library. Ah but it's so hard to narrow down on which to read! A few of my reviews are also pending to be edited before I post them. I'm excited for posting 25 reviews in the past few months! 

I also started a new section, 'Readers Cup A Read Weekly'! Look ^ above in the navigation for its page! I've been debating to start it with either an easy one or debated topic. 

Well, I think that's it folks, (my husbands giving me the evil eye, my cue to sign off) 
What are you all reading!? 

What I am reading

What I am listing to. This is the first audio book I have read slash listen to. Not to sure where I stand at the moment with the positives of an audio book! 

Books I have pending to read for reviews and upcoming book tours! 

Release Date February 9, 2015



Release Date February 10, 2015
Release Date January 27, 2015
Release date January 28, 2015

Books I can't wait to read, which I have sitting in my hoarding of a library! 

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