Thursday, January 1, 2015

2015 (can't wait) Reading List

Happy New Year! 

Bringing in the new year, I have a list of books that are on my 'to read' and many others that are going to be released! If you haven't read any of these amazing authors, now is the time to start!  As I'm looking over my list, I notice it's mainly fantasy! haa I do also like to read other genre(s) but it seems fantasy is my cup of tea for now. 
I will be updating this post with more anticipated reads that I come across with... 

May 15, 2015

Love Sarah J. Maas books! If you have not read a Throne of Glass, what are you waiting on! (I have to write my review on the series) It's definitely in my memorable reads list!

This is Sarah J Maas rendition of Beauty and the Beast tale with a slight change of fantasy creatures and world!

May 12, 2015 (Apparently I will be away in May!)

FINALLY! The third book in my Fave Angel books out there has an expected date!

If you have not read my review on AngelFall, it is a MUST read!


March 31, 2015

Love Amy A Bartol writing! I will read anything she writes!

This is the second book in Kricket's story. A fantasy of another world, futuristic and unique. Amy definitely knows how to write a swoon worthy interest, never disappoints!


(Cover of book 4)
So saddened that there is not date yet for this amazing series that caused me a week of sleepless night other than 2015! Book five should be out sometime this year

The Premonition Series is one of my favorite fantasy books out there. It has unlimited amount of characters, handful of Godly, swoon worthy men, and a kick ass lead, Evie! Get started NOW if you haven't.
Team Brennus!


Book two in the Steel and Stone series, Chase the Dark is book one.
Became a fan of Ms Annette's writing in this series. She brings a whole new spin in the fantasy world with action packed and HOT characters!


Other books I can't wait to read in 2015
I have so many books that are sitting in my wishlist and kindle library. So many books, so little time!

Throne of Glass (Book 4) Goodreads  There's not title or release date yet!

The Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy - Goodreads  I know, what have I been waiting for?! This books been on my want list for sometime and  I just bought myself the hardcover of this series (thank you amazon cyber week). The cover is beyond beautiful!

Another series that I have yet read! Divergent - Goodreads

I have not read any of the books from this Author but the blurbs sound just like a book I would be lost in.

It has great ratings with over 500 at 4.5!

Sunset Rising - Goodreads

Just finished Tainted Energy (book 1) fantasy read. Very unique world the author creates with not the typical kind. (review should be up this month with a book tour)

Release date  Feb 3, 2015

Lost Energy (book 2) - Goodreads

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