Friday, December 26, 2014

Review Winter Wolf by Rachel M Raithby

Katalina Winter has been living for eighteen years with a secret hidden inside of her, a secret not even she knew. With this secret comes consequences, expectations, ones she’s not willing to fulfill; she’ll give her heart to whomever she wishes, even if he is a Dark Shadow wolf…

Katalina must navigate her way through a world at war, where the alpha is law and only the strong survive. True love is powerful, but some people will go to any lengths to destroy it.

Complimentary copy was given by 'Lovers Of Paranormal' goodreads group 
My Thoughts and Review:

Cover: Beautiful cover, matches the storyline of the book and description of the leading lady.
Genre(s): Paranormal roamnce, fantasy 
Tags: werewolves, romance, action

It is almost a retelling of Romeo and Juliet storyline but in werewolves form. Bass and Kat are both from the opposite rival families, falling in love. Both parents don't want them together...getting the concept?

It was a bit robotic and lack of feeling for me. The first chapter kicks right to the point of the story and characters.  
Katalina is a lost brat. I can't stand her character one bit. There's No genuine emotions with her. A few things that irked me were her reaction to everything happening . I guess it's normal when you find out your werewolf, mated, and in a rival family... 

I do think the author does have a storyline to work with into a potential 'Were' continous battles. Quick recommended read 

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