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Review Beast of Burden A.Z. Green (Book 2) The Hidden Blood Series

Pack Leaders who were allies at the time of the Vikings, had rings made to remind them of who they were and what they stood for. Weremen of peace, justice and loyalty. We try to stand by that principle.

After the attempt on Nik's life, he and Jaz leave Deer Creek to escape the dangers and judgements on both their heads. But many are determined to find them and drag them back. 
Curs are creeping out of the woodwork and making themselves known by the increase of deaths, kidnappings and rapes but it seems the Head Council are looking the other way. 
Jaz and Nik put their differences aside to begin her training in self-defence and controlling her ability to Change. Jaz allows herself to trust him again despite their rocky start, and in doing so, she soon understands the true reasons behind his past actions. 
Things aren't what they seem. 
Packs are stirring, enemies are coming out to play, humans will be caught in the crossfire, hybrid Weres must fight for their survival and sides must be picked. 
Which side are you on?

My Thoughts & Review
Beast of Burden (The Hidden Blood Series-Book 2)

Cover: The cover does remind me more vampire than werewolves but it is still a beautiful cover
Genre(s): Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy, 

The story continues in book two with more action and details of Jaz's werewolf and the betrayal of Nik (Driver) pack! Half way through this book, finally, Jaz and Nik make a connection! Their relationship was slowly built, no instant-love, and given the reasoning of the history of them both, I think the author made a wise choice by going slow. 

The author takes her time writing out her stories covering and building a whole new place. It shows in both book one and two with the descriptive detail in tempo of the book. There's still as many characters in the first book and it can be a bit confusing to keep up or remember everyone's role. There's not only Nik and Jaz's relationship developing but other characters like Fraya (the villain in book one) and Yon, which she leaves hanging! So that's something to look forward to in her future writing in this series. 

Cliffhanger warning! The author leaves many untied plots by the end of this book. 
Recommend read must read book one to understand book two 


After five minutes of flat out running, Jaz's lungs were on fire; a knife sticking into them each time she breathed in. She said to herself she couldn't run like this anymore. As soon as she passed a bed of rocks, she doubled back on her footprints, put her trainer against the nearest tree and hauled herself up. Hiding flat against the trunk, she tried to catch her breath as quietly as she could. Only a minute later there were the sounds of two pairs of boots. She waited, wondering why her trackers weren’t in Beast form. Nik had said they were and surely it was faster? But when she peered behind the trunk, she saw that they were very battered and bleeding, which reminded her that Changing took a lot of energy in a short burst. In the arena, Nik had been so injured and ill from the poison, he wasn’t able to Change.
She guessed they'd decided to turn back so they could save their energy. Jaz—thinking of this—forced her hands to Change. It took a long, terrifying moment for her body to finally answer her call before she felt the claws grow out of her nails beds, the cuticles being pierced in the process; they then healed back quickly, leaving no traces of blood. The entire process had become more efficient with practise. She felt her face Change on its own and now that she was armed, she waited. The partial Change took no more than a minute and in that time, the Weres had circled around, not seeing her high up in the branches of the old oak tree. When they came back, Jaz watched with disgusted awe as they began to Change—they were naked as the day they were born, their clothes tied in a bundle around their hips.
The sound of bones snapping and crunching was a familiar but still equally unpleasant sound. As she crouched there, she considered if this was a good time to climb down and escape before they came, but she didn't know how fast they would be and how she would be able to outrun them if they saw her. They would most certainly see her; she just had to lift her head and she'd be in their line of sight. In their Beast forms—one light-haired, the other a deep red—they prowled around the trees, hers included, tracing her scent with their sharp noses. They stopped where the prints stopped. She glued herself to the trunk when they looked up, but when they did not climb up to rip her apart, she started to regain some hope. After fifteen minutes of waiting, hearing their paws depart ten minutes before that, she was finally convinced enough to peer out. They had gone. She inhaled deeply through her nose, listened out and used her strong sight to find them. She caught their scent about a mile back where she had come. They hadn't moved on so she guessed they were still looking for her. With only two of them, Jaz suspected the other two were on Nik and Darby's trail. She hoped they were okay.
Tiredly, she climbed down the tree; at each descent of a branch she looked around, sniffing the air until she was sure to climb down further. When she hit the bottom she stepped as lightly as possible, using the bottom edge of tree trunks, roots, stones and rocks as a way to mask her prints. She travelled for five minutes before she broke into a run again. She jogged through the trees stealthily, eyeing her surroundings, keeping her nose open. She smelled the stag before she saw it and stopped a hundred yards from it. He didn't see her, his head was lowered, feeding on the ground. His antlers were stunning, and so much more alluring in real life. She'd never seen one so close before and, as she took a moment to catch her breath, she perched her back against a trunk, shielding herself from anyone who thought to come up behind her. With her knees bent into a squat, she admired the stag. She tried not to think about her situation—otherwise she'd start to panic—and allowed this scenic beauty to calm and numb her mind, as if it was all a dream.
The stag's head snapped up from a sound that Jaz did not hear and ran. Jaz took that as a sign to leave and jumped up, sprinting forward towards the rising sounds of the motorway.  She smacked into a body that swerved in her path; the sudden, powerful impact knocking her back onto the ground. A huge breath escaped her, then as she groggily scanned up the body, her eyes widened when she saw it was naked, and bloody, and her heart sank. She'd been found by the Weres. And this one in particular had death in his brick-red eyes.
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