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Book Tour The Last Guardian Rises by Rebecca Trogner (Review & Guest Blog)

The Last Guardian Rises
The Last Keepers’ Daughter Series Book 2
Rebecca Trogner

Genre:  Paranormal, Romance, Mystery
Publisher:  Crescent Moon Press
Date of Publication: November 15, 2014
Number of pages:  295
Word Count: 90,000 approx
Book Description:  
Lily Ayres, Sanguis Ancilla to Krieger Barnes, has retreated into the shadows of the archives, hiding from the king and the intense emotions he arouses in her. How long can she deny him? Will she accept her role in the Other world and the abilities arising within her?
Krieger Barnes, Vampire King of North America, has shared his blood, his kingdom, and his heart with Lily. He summons her, needing her nearness, needing her to attend the council meeting with him.
Merlin, the king’s advisor, must fight the darkness that threatens to overtake him. Can he survive the dark magic?
Lucien Black, the wielder of the Dragon Sword, is once again charged with Lily’s protection. How will he explain his avoidance of her?
A being buried deep underground, inside a cage of iron and wrapped in chains, escapes. Is he the dark entity that the Others feel and fear?  
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He came back cradling what looked like a journal in his large hands. It was bound in leather with a faded black ribbon tied around the covers.
“Fell, I guess.”
 Lily knew it couldn’t have fallen on its own. And why didn’t the lights come on when it moved? She took the offered book from Liam and rubbed her hand over the old leather. Someone had taken great care to keep it oiled and the leather supple as sin. For now, its contents were silent. Not all texts spoke with her – perhaps this one would later, or never would.
 “Ready?” Liam opened the door and waited for her to follow.
 Her mind said no, definitely not ready to see Krieger, but her heart beat faster, and she remembered his cool, calm voice, and how she loved the ambiguous color of his hypnotic bluegrey eyes. The night before Lily’s mother was discovered and she’d fatally stabbed Henry, Lily had argued with Krieger. From this vantage, Lily could see how trivial her protestations were. She’d felt he’d betrayed her, though he hadn’t, and because of her, Krieger had staunched the flow of blood through the bond they shared. Now, just a hint of warmth was flowing through her body, that feeling of being connected to him again, that tiny bit of delicious balm soothing her worries.

Guest Blog:
I get asked a lot why I wrote about vampires, and almost always my answer is the same, because I was pissed off at how vampires were being portrayed. So peeved, in fact, that I got off my lazy butt and started to write a book that I’d want to read.
Vampires are incredibly malleable. I think that’s what makes them so popular in cinema and fiction. They can be mindless, serial killers or pensive and cultured, or anything in between. So while I 

applaud all the different types of vampires, I don’t find myself attracted to some of the recent variations on vampires.

Here are my Top Five Gripes about how vampires are written and portrayed.
Too Much Angst. I don’t mind a bit of introspection, but lately a lot of vampires have been navel gazers, and that’s never attractive. I don’t want to listen to an almost immortal creature complaining about it. I want to hear what they’ve seen and done and hope they find me a worthy recipient of their information.
No SexI know, I know, the original vampire, Dracula, did not have intercourse, but, as with everything else in the world, things have changed since 1897 when Bram Stoker’s book was published. I want the vampire to stalk his human prey not only for food, but for a little sexy time too.
Too Much Sex. I need story to go along with the sex, and some novels I’ve read lately are all about the humpapalooza and nothing else. Yes, I did just make up that word.
Not Neck Biters. Is there anything sexier about the vampire then the way they desire our blood. It’s the one thing that humans have that vampires crave. They are as bound to us as we are them, and it’s damn sexy to imagine the seduction and eventual submission to a hungry vampire.
High School. It’s hard to get all excited about a vampire who still goes to high school. I want mature, worldly, and confident vampires to swoop me off my feet.
So…what are your favorite and least favorite types of vampires?

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