Sunday, November 9, 2014

Welcome, welcome to "Inside Pandora's Box"! Take a seat, get comfortable...go ahead click the top, bookmark this page, and add as a subscriber we have much to discuss!

I started this book blog because of another book blogger's post. She mentioned about the many books that have become favorites because of the reviewers, sharing of bloggers, and book lovers. If your reading, might as well leave a review right? Right! In the past year, I've read over 100 books from all different genres. Of course many I still remember the names of my book boyfriends, others I may have to skim back through, and some just re-read BUT I will review for all my kindle hoarding collection! 

Please take a minute and look through the tabs for more information. I have lots of plans from giveaways, uploading reviews, blog tours, and more! If your a blogger/reviewer yourself, check out the guest review tab to visit Pandora's Box. 

Look forward to upcoming blogs: 
  • Facebook launch with some of my top favorite ebooks giveaways! Time and date will be posted for event, make sure to subscribe not to miss out. 
  • Anticipated 2015 reads
  • Nanowrimo, November is the month of writers challenge! 
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