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Review Bully (Fall Away #1) by Penelope Douglas (New Adult Romance)

My name is Tate. He doesn't call me that, though. He would never refer to me so informally, if he referred to me at all. No, he'll barely even speak to me.
But he still won't leave me alone.
We were best friends once. Then he turned on me and made it his mission to ruin my life. I've been humiliated, shut out, and gossiped about all through high school. His pranks and rumors got more sadistic as time wore on, and I made myself sick trying to stay out of his way. I even went to France for a year, just to avoid him.
But I'm done hiding from him now, and there's no way in hell I'll allow him to ruin my senior year. He might not have changed, but I have. It's time to fight back. 
I'm not going to let him bully me anymore.
***This novel contains adult/mature young adult situations. It is only suitable for ages 18+ due to language, violence, and sexual situations.(less)
Genre(s) New Adult Romance
Cover: Fitting for the title

I am a fan of this book HOWEVER, I wish the setting was changed to college students! The context in this book is NOT for high school age students. Of course that's my opinion.

On to the review:
Bully is about Tate sticking out her last year in highschool avoiding the torment from the leading badass Jared and his sidekick Maddoc!
Jared indulged in my misery like it was candy. He had fed me to the wolves time and again, reveling in the unhappiness he caused. Jared, my friend, was completely gone, leaving a cold monster in his place.
She decides to fight back!
 This is how bullies are made. I’d just purposely made him feel unloved and unwanted. I’d told him he was alone. Even with everything he’d pulled on me, I’d never felt abandoned or isolated. There was always someone that loved me, someone I could count on.
and not only with Jared but Maddoc as well, who I also enjoyed reading! Maddoc was the comic relief of the two. (BTW Maddoc has his own book out now in Rival series)
 “Hey, man. I could drive for you,” Madoc chimed in. “We’d just have to tell them about our secret relationship.” He hooked his arms over my and Ben’s shoulders playfully, but I shrugged him off.
 The storyline behind Jared's reasoning of hating Tate does play out well. There's some more drama at the end of the box then the end.

What I liked about Bully

  • Tates change in attitude! Being a bitch could be a survival technique. They get respect. There was no honor in people thinking you were a slut.
  • Jared! He fits the 'badass' profile tats, drives a hot car, races, leader of the pack 
  •  It's not instant love and it doesn't drag on with 'does he like me?'

Bully link to purchase on Amazon
Bully by Penelope Douglas Amazon

Mini Excerpt:
“You know?” He looked at me curiously. “This new attitude you came back with? It surprised me. You used to be a pretty dull target. All you’d do was run away or cry. Now you’ve got some fight in you. I was prepared to leave you alone this year. But now…,” he trailed off.
“What will you do? Trip me in class? Spill O.J. on my shirt? Spread rumors about me, so I don’t get any dates? Or maybe you’ll up your game to cyberbullying.” Though that was no joke, and I immediately regretted giving him the idea. “Do you really think any of it bugs me anymore? You can’t scare me.” I should shut up.
Why wasn’t I shutting up? He studied me as I tried to control my temper. Why did he always appear so calm, so unaffected? He never yelled or flew off the handle. His temper was in check, whereas my blood boiled to the point that I felt like I could go another round with Madoc. My eyes were level with his mouth as he leaned in slowly.
One of his arms stretched over my head resting on the lockers to bring his face within an inch from mine. A sexy grin played on his lips, and I had a difficult time looking away from his full mouth. “Do you think you’re strong enough to take me on?” His slow, soothing whisper caressed my face.
If it weren’t for his formidable words, his tone might’ve calmed me…or something. I should move away, but I wanted to appear confident by standing my ground. I could give back as good as I got. At least I thought I could. “It’s on.” My stare met his as the raspy challenge left my throat.
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